Non-RFID solutions

1. iThing – SOS Buddy (GPS and non-GPS)

Public safety is an important aspect of life. Often times, an emergency occurrence remains unnoticed by the concerned authorities, till it gets too late in the day.

In the absence of a real-time alerting mechanism, victims fail to escape and, alert citizens unable to report incidents, leading to casualties. Some such situations could be of reporting a home break-in, of a pregnant woman needing help , of a patient or a senior citizen seeking attention, of a kid alone at home or, of reporting a neighbourhood incident that is potentially hazardous.

iThing – SOS Buddy is an IoT Based personal emergency communicator, with a low-tech interface. It provides a single-click button, which when pressed, will activate a buzzer alarm and make pre-programmed calls to registered numbers, with pin-pointed locational description.

A must for quick call response in emergencies. The smart GPS device supports calls to emergency contacts only. One-click to start communication and to automatically send current location to the emergency contact numbers.

2. Bluetooth based tracking Solution

‌The issue of loss or kidnapping children has become unfortunately a widespread phenomenon in many countries. To address this issue, this paper presents a children tracking system. It consists of a small device carried by the child and a mobile application that enables the user to track his child movements by tracking that device. That will be done by using GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 technology to track children in indoor and outdoor locations. For indoor, the application searches for the child by detecting the beacon device using Bluetooth 4.0. And for the outdoor locations, the application uses the GPS/GPRS chip.

‌The proposed solution can be used to keep a track of Kids playing in the localized area, Patients, Old Aged People, Pets , Assets and many more.

3. Door Bell Camera​

Wifi Video, Wireless Connection, Ultra-Low Power Consumption Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell camera allows you to see who’s on the other side of your door, even when you aren’t home, so you can weed out unwanted visitors.

These devices let you monitor your entryway whether you’re in bed, in the backyard, or on vacation 2,000 miles away.

They replace your existing doorbell with one that bundles a ringer button, camera, microphone, speaker, and several sensors. 

When it’s triggered by motion or a ring of the button, a smart doorbell camera will notify you via an audible chime and smartphone notifications, and it will stream live audio and video to your phone or tablet so you can hear and see your visitors in real time. You can even talk with those visitors or, in the case of solicitors, send them on their way.