Non Industrial Solutions

Campus Automation & Management

Grandes Mentes’s Campus Automation & Management help educational institutions go fully automated without any human intervention further. The application is the right kind of solutions for campus to optimize and automate various processes and activities. With campus automation, student management is simple and easy even with limited manpower or no manpower. Fully automated process will capture all the data and movement of the students inside the campus. The institution need to provide RFID enables cards to each and every student. The software will capture most valuable data as per the requirement of the institution. The application will help your institution in handling following tasks:

  1. Attendance Tracking
  2. Time tracking
  3. Movement Tracking
  4. Library Automation
  5. Payment Automation- Fee/Fine/ Canteen Purchase

Animal Tracking

Grandes Mentes provides Animal Tracking RFID Solutions in order to manage and track the livestock. Of late, RFID technology is being used as standard identification process. As per the exporting of animals, companies must have proper tracking and tracing records which mandate the use of RFID. Our team will help you to give you tailored solutions as per your requirements.

Library Automation

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new generation of Auto Identification and Data collection helps to automate business processes and allows identification of of tagged items like books, assets, people, vehicle, using radio waves.

RFID as a technology is sparking interest in the library community because of a promising increase in efficiency, productivity and enhanced user satisfaction. The solution would allow fast transaction flow and will prove immediate and long term benefits to the library in and security.

Non Industrial

Club Management

CMACS (Club Management and Access Control System) is RFID based Solution for automating the club management.

The hospitality industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Innumerable Clubs, restaurants and hotels have filled up the cities.

The ability of people to travel and send on these facilities has increased manifold and hence management of clubs, hotels, and restaurants has proved to be a challenge in the current scenario.

Keeping a track of the loyal customers, giving them the required benefits and recognizing customers at clubs will allow them to create an additional value as against their competition.

the same, the hospitality industry is now turning to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based solutions for smooth payment and secure access.

Mentes’s product for the hospitality industry has gained a lot of mileage within well known membership clubs and restaurants.

The Process

  • Every club member is given a unique RFID HF Smart card which contains details like name of the member, membership number, Flat number, contact details and photograph. These details can be customized as per the requirement of the client.
  • As the member enters the club premises, he/she has to get the privilege card recharged as per the requirement at the payment booth adjacent to the entry gate.
  • Now since the card is recharged, the member is ready to avail different facilities of the club like access to Billiards room, Gym, Restaurant, Swimming Pool etc.
  • The main entry gate and subsequent facility entrance doors are equipped with HF RFID readers.
  • If the member is authorized and has adequate amount in the card, he/she can simply touch the card with RFID reader following which the access will be granted.
  • If the card is running out of balance the member has to get it recharged from the payment booth.
  • The software will be customized as per the clients requirement having facilities like total amount collected, defaulter’s list, day wise collection, list of members and dependents etc.

Alternatively a kiosk can also be provided through which the member will be able to access his card information and the series of transactions made.



  • Highly secure for payment and access.
  • One single card can avail multiple facilities. (Identification, Club Card, E-Purse, Loyalty, etc.)
  • Highly Reliable.
  • Easy Forward & Backward Integration.
  • Easy Operational Management.
  • Improves member satisfaction.
  • Best utility services & facilities provider.
  • Reduced Operational Cost.
  • Easy accounting of Revenue with negligible handling cost.
  • Easy to keep accounting and track of dues collected.
  • Entry and exit of members can be recorded in facility areas.
  • Support in maintenance as a high profile club.
  • Less storage place: Large storage places used now would become redundant & can be utilized for better purposes.
  • Reduce the back office staff.
  • Increase in revenue by efficient management.
  • Lay a platform for multi-applications i.e. can be accommodated as Loyalty card,Debit card, Co-branding.
  • Provide complete monitoring system to check for Memberships, Accounting, Inventory, Facility management, Loyalty, and Advertisement.
  • Decrease the risk of opportunist theft.
  • Restrict areas to certain groups or individuals.
  • Save money on night-time security.
  • All doors are controlled directly from one or more PC’s.
  • You can instantly update user access levels at the PC.

Hospital- Patient Tracking

Hospital- Patient Tracking (doctor visits, historical data etc): Grandes Mentes works with hospitals and clinics in order to provide the most advanced solutions in patient management and patient tracking. We help them to capture every step of the patient journey with the solutions powered by RFID. The RFID solutions come handy in tracking and monitoring patients, helping doctors to provide optimal care and safety.

Solar Panel Tracking

Our IoT and RFID based solutions are efficient in managing and tracking solar panels as well as cost effective. RFID Solar Panel Tracking Module incorporates innovative technology and extensive features to track and mange.  



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