Industrial Solutions

Asset & Inventory Management

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies are enhanced using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Managing the asset and inventory is much easier like never before. The technology is useful for the companies handing huge stock of inventory and assets.

Tracking the stock move and assets valuation is quite difficult task and with AIDC technologies make the job easy. For this, the companies need to tag their products, assets; inventory with RFID tags and the system will scan and track the movements. It will store the data, which will help to get the proper reports and it will help to take a better decisions.

The application will useful and serves all the purposes including financial accounting, theft deterrence and preventative maintenance.

The application is useful for the following activities: Warehouse management

Weighbridge Automation

WASS (Weighbridge Automation & Security Solution) is a RFID based Solution for automating the weighbridge functionality. The premises are secured with barriers that have RF readers and CCTV Cameras are installed on every weighbridge.

WASS is a very fast and secure long range Identification system that manages and identifies vehicle and driver activities. When any vehicle/fleet comes on the weighbridge; RFID Reader reads the tag and weight & images is captured and stored in the server automatically.



Warehouse Inventory Tracking

Issues faced while working with weighbridge

  • Time consuming weight capture process of loaded fleet/truck at entry and exit gate.
  • Time consuming manual registration process of fleet/truck and drivers.
  • To control movement of fleets/trucks within the plant premises.
  • To ensure the right material is loaded on the fleet/truck.
  • Inability to prevent theft from Weighing Bridge.
  • Inability to locate unauthorized vehicle entry.

Benefits from Eco- WASS

  • Fully automatic RFID based system for accurate vehicle In and Out entries.
  • Absolute reliability as there is no human dependency at check points.
  • Automatic weight capture of fleet/truck at every weighbridge.
  • Image of fleets/trucks is captured automatically when reader identifies the authorized fleet/truck.
  • Zero waiting time for vehicles reduces time wastage and emissions.
  • Eco- WASS displays all the data and records accurately in real time.
  • Ability to capture and register data of vehicles/fleet.
  • Checks unauthorized entry of vehicles by using buzzer and boom barrier.
  • Checks unauthorized entry of vehicles by using buzzer and boom barrier.
  • Authentication driver and vehicle via Eco-Tag Mapping Technology.
  • Remote control over vehicle’s speed through Eco-speed Enforce Technology used in gates.
  • Accurate report generation of different types on periodic (customised) basis.
  • Easy integration with other existing system like BMS (Building Management systems), SAP etc.
  • Easy and reliable remote handling (storage and retrieval) of huge data digitally within a blink of an eye.

Transport & Logistics

Cargo’s & Shipping management

Of late, there is huge demand for the transport and logistics services. The companies in these sectors have been facing many problems to carter better services to their customers. Fulfilling customers’ expectation on time is major challenge for these companies. Data Truss brings the most innovative solutions powered by IoT and RFID to make smarter, informed decisions and ensure flawless fulfillment.

Vehicle Access & Control Management

Managing vehicles is a tedious task. It is hard to track the vehicle movements and for this, companies need manpower to control and manage effectively. By switching to RFID solutions, companies can effectively manage vehicle and control them without intervention of huge manpower. RFID readers will read the vehicle information and store in the database, during the report generation; companies can get their desired reports. Besides, in real time, it is very easy to control vehicle movement (entry/exit) with the RFID solutions.

The application is best fit for:

  1. Corporate Parks
  2. RWA
  3. Academic Institutions
  4. Hospitality Industry


Parking Management

It is challenging for companies and corporate to provide safe and effective parking to their customers. The parking management could take lots to time and you need an application which would give you peace of mind as well as save your valuable time. Parking is a critical at the places like colleges, offices, shopping malls, hospital, etc.; Grandes Mentes has introduced the solution powered by RFID to address every sort of parking problem.

Parking Management Solutions for:

  1. Corporate Parking
  2. Stadium & Shopping Malls
  3. Public Parking Spaces

Our Solution

Our team designs the solutions for you after evaluating one-site assessment, existing infrastructure and prevalent traffic conditions. The application will provide you great security within the parking area and better ways to manage the parking during peak traffic hours.

By using the software you can automate the process of authorization and entry of registered vehicles in your parking area. A computerized system will track the details for the vehicle through the tools like RFID tags, RFID Reader and the automated process manages the boom barriers.

The application is capable for identifying registered vehicles and allowing them the access to entry and exit and it also handles the vehicle movement very smoothly.


RFID: a better kind of brand protection One of the strongest weapons in the brand-protection arsenal is RFID technology. RFID offers a more comprehensive way to safeguard your brand, because RFID supports a multi-pronged approach that includes authentication, track and trace, and tamper evidence.


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